Foresta Trading bv’s pump program is highly suitable for both “wet” and “dry” contracting.

There are many similarities between “Wet” contracting and shipping, so naturally VICTOR pumps (wastewater centrifugal & motor pumps), SAER (centrifugal) and DRENO Pompe (submersible pumps) are used here.

“Dry” contracting is more extensive. Especially in the area of the environment, soil and groundwater treatment, many SAER (centrifugal and deepwell pumps) and BOYSER (peristaltic pumps) products are applied.

Also in this area we can sometimes surprise the market by thinking out of the box and providing innovative solutions for complex applications. In 2010 we provided a solution for a groundwater treatment project in which the standard piston pumps or submersible pumps were no option. A set up with a F.T. ejector provided the solution. We would gladly provide you with more details about this system.